I hope you all are in good health !

Yesterday and today have, so far, been the warmest days of this spring, plus 15 degrees. It has been wonderful. The rest of the week the temperature will drop a bit, to about 8-6 degrees. I hope the sunshine and warm will be back next week. The primulas and the liverleafs in blue and white we have in our garden. The photo of the liverleafs to the right are growing in the woods.

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  1. navasolanature

    Strange world, it is cooler for us here in Spain than in the U.K. But not to be fooled, only a few degrees, no rain and the 30 plus will come with a vengeance next week. We have had an ideal spring with cooler than normal temperatures. Lovely flowers, the liverleaf look a bit like the ones we call pimpernels here.


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