Green Plants

We have three indoor green plants. They are quite new. I think we bought one in the end of last year and the two others in the beginning of this year. I hope they will last for a long time and that I have got the names right 🙂

Asplenicum nidus Crispy Wave IMG_8939CAsplenicum nidus Crispy Wave, Pleated Bird’s fern nest, Pesäraunioinen, Fågelbobräken.Spatiphyllum, Peace Lily, Viirivehka, Fredskalla IMG_8934CSpatiphyllum, Peace Lily, Viirivehka, FredskallaDieffenbachia seguine, Dumbcane, Kirjovehka, Prickblad IMG_8937CDieffenbachia seguine, Dumbcane, Kirjovehka, Prickblad

Dear friends, in these times, stay safe.

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