Daily Archives: March 3, 2020

Winter Snow/Ice-Racing

On Saturday we went to watch the traditional, yearly winter snow/ice-racing arranged by ”Stadin Pärtsärit” at the Tattarisuo go kart track. This time there was neither snow nor ice. Also there was less participants and spectators as last time, two years ago, when I was there. The event is for old, vintage, mopeds and motorbikes. Most drivers are older guys but there also were some younger enthusiasts. My husband loves old mopeds and motorbikes. Unfortunately he is not able anymore to drive himself because of bad knees and hips. I usually go there for the opportunity to take some photos. It was a bit chilly. Minus 10 degrees Celsius. It is hard to take photos with mittens on. After almost one and a half hour my fingers were stiff so we left before the event ended.