Monthly Archives: March 2020

Doodle Art

Doodle handprint art 20200328_092748_HDRCCMy hand

I yesterday happened to see a nice clip on YouTube, by the Craft Train, how to make a doodle hand print art. I remembered that I have exactly the same color yellow and purple drawing papers for handcraft at home. Here is my version. I made way too many sections compared to the ones I saw on YouTube. Anyway, it was so nice and very relaxing. I’d love to make an other one right the way but, my marker pen, felt tip pen run out of ink.

Green Plants

We have three indoor green plants. They are quite new. I think we bought one in the end of last year and the two others in the beginning of this year. I hope they will last for a long time and that I have got the names right 🙂

Asplenicum nidus Crispy Wave IMG_8939CAsplenicum nidus Crispy Wave, Pleated Bird’s fern nest, PesĂ€raunioinen, FĂ„gelbobrĂ€ken.Spatiphyllum, Peace Lily, Viirivehka, Fredskalla IMG_8934CSpatiphyllum, Peace Lily, Viirivehka, FredskallaDieffenbachia seguine, Dumbcane, Kirjovehka, Prickblad IMG_8937CDieffenbachia seguine, Dumbcane, Kirjovehka, Prickblad

Dear friends, in these times, stay safe.

Spring or . . .

Narcissus IMG_8916CAfter several cold nights with temperatures of about minus 10 Celsius it yesterday was a nice warm day. Plus 9 degrees Celsius. I took the narcissus out. I’m glad I didn’t leave it there yet.

Jacky sat in the new mini green house keeping an eye on my doings. The temperature is going to stay low over the weekend. The narcissus has to stay indoors until it get’s a little warmer.

snowy plantIt snowed a little last night. It looks like time turned back and it is November.

When shooting the snowy plant a plane flew over. So I turned my camera towards it and took a couple of photos. We live about 15 km away from the airport. Well, probably less by air.

Jacky / Tick

Our Jacky 20200315_094526_HDRCOn Sunday morning there was a tick on Jacky’s neck. I shouted to my husband: ”Yuk ! I found a tick on Jacky’s neck” ? I removed the tick. I think it is pretty early for ticks this time of the year. But, the winter has been unusually warm. There has hardly been no snow. Also we have had a couple of sunny days which may have made them to wake up. I need to buy something that prevent ticks. Last summer there was a lot of ticks. Hopefully there will be less of them this year.

Our cat Jacky IMG_8906C


In the end of October we had Pero here for ten days. This week we had him back. This time for a short time. From Tuesday evening to Friday afternoon. We wondered how our cat Jacky would react. Would he remember him. When we arrived Jacky immediately greeted Pero nose to nose. So sweet. I should have had the camera stand by.

Pero and Jacky 20200312_073943_HDRCCPero: Jacky, did you sleep well ? Jacky:Hmm, do you know you snore ? !

Pero and Jacky 20200312_073312_HDRCCCPero: Where is my breakfast ? Me: Pero dear, just a second.

Winter Snow/Ice-Racing

On Saturday we went to watch the traditional, yearly winter snow/ice-racing arranged by ”Stadin PĂ€rtsĂ€rit” at the Tattarisuo go kart track. This time there was neither snow nor ice. Also there was less participants and spectators as last time, two years ago, when I was there. The event is for old, vintage, mopeds and motorbikes. Most drivers are older guys but there also were some younger enthusiasts. My husband loves old mopeds and motorbikes. Unfortunately he is not able anymore to drive himself because of bad knees and hips. I usually go there for the opportunity to take some photos. It was a bit chilly. Minus 10 degrees Celsius. It is hard to take photos with mittens on. After almost one and a half hour my fingers were stiff so we left before the event ended.