Monthly Archives: December 2019

A Mouse . . .

Jacky & his new toy 20191224_153525_HDRCJacky & his new toyJacky & the new toy. I think the size is more like the size of a rat 🙂 What Jacky likes most is when the ”thing” runs in and out of the cardboard box and around the box or when it runs under the sofas and chairs. I wish he would himself be able to manage the remote control.   

Date Balls (again)

Date BallsI have called them date balls. Yesterday I found out on the internet that they also are called date/nut balls, date energy balls, vegan balls and healthy sweets. Thumbs up for the healthy. Plus that they are delicious and quick to make. Yesterday, when I started to make them again, my son suggested a new flavor. He happened to have salted liquorice powder. I love salted liquorice (salmiak). So, I was happy with the suggestion and rolled six of the balls in the salmiak powder. I try not to eat salmiak liquorice too often as it is not very healthy. But, I think a few date balls rolled in little bit of salmiak powder is okay. I know my balls are date/nut balls but, I still am going to call them date balls.


Birds, thruhsesBirds, thruhsesBirds, thruhsesOn the way to the supermarket we stopped at the gas station. I saw these birds eating rowan berries. I think the birds are some sort of thrush. At first, when I approached, they flew away. I stood there for a while and they returned. I’m pretty happy with the photos but, think that had I had my Canon EOS camera with me with the EF 90-300mm lens the photos might have been a bit better.