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For ten days we had the joy and pleasure to take care of Pero, our friends’ dog. We were a little concerned of how our cat Jacky would react. He was a little suspicious at first. To our delight they quickly became friends. I guess it was because Pero had a cat in his life for his first, about, 5-6 years and Jacky had our Canelo in his life for his first 1,7 years. I think Jacky liked Pero because he also is a Spanish Water Dog like our Canelo was. It was lovely to see them every morning, nose to nose, say good morning. Pero, welcome back, anytime !


In the beginning of September my husband told me there is new mural in Karakallio which is only a few kilometers from us. On the way to the grocery store we went to look for the mural which is situated only a few hundred meters from the grocery.Mural Mural by Jussi  Two Seven  20190912_102953_HDRCThe mural is painted by Jussi TwoSeven 2019. On the artist’s page I found the name of the painting. It is called Pandion Haliaetus Suteailah Nordnap.Mural by Jussi  Two Seven 20191012_125246_HDRCThis next one by him I saw when we visited the Helsinki Baltic Herring Market on the 12th of October. It is called Strix Nebulosa. I like both of them. There still are a couple more I hope to see live and have the opportunity to take photos of.


Mushrooms, red agaric (Amanita muscaria)20191021_165633_HDRCMushrooms 20191021_165728_HDRCMushrooms 20191021_165940_HDRCMushrooms 20191021_170058_HDRCOn my walk yesterday I saw these four different mushrooms. All in the same place. I like the scent of the moist soil, mushrooms and leaves. Here it was strong. I only know the inedible red agaric (Amanita muscaria) by the name. The others are unknown to me.


colorful trees reflection 20191018_113107_HDRCcolorful trees reflection 20191015_095643_HDRCYesterday was a gray day. We were driving to the supermarket. I saw the perfect reflection on the lake. I said look, a perfect reflection also today. Doesn’t it look nice also on a gray day. Right when I stepped out of the car a man went out in his rowboat to pick up his fishing net. It caused ripples on the water. I waited a good while for them to disappear but, it took longer than I thought. Then I could see the man was ready to return at any time. It would create new ripples. So, despite no perfect reflection I took a photo. Here are both photos. The one from Tuesday and the other one from yesterday.


Geese Migrating Southwards


I wonder are you able to spot them ? They are the tiny black spots 😉

GeeseThere has been some snow already in many places in Finland. Where we live, there so far, only has been a little bit which melted quickly. The birds know it’s time for them to migrate. Yesterday hundreds of geese resting in the water on the other side of the lake on their way southwards. Oh my, they are loud. I was able to hear them loud and clear. Have a safe flight. See you next spring 🙂