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Dahlias and Begonias

dahlias 20190920_083219_HDRCdahlias 20190920_083245_HDRCtuber begonia 20190920_083228_HDRIn my last post of September 12th I said I’d take the dahlias and begonias indoors, into the garage, any day because of possible night frost. Well, I didn’t do it. It still has been pretty warm and the forecast said the warmth would continue over this weekend. I should have taken them indoors. The night between Thursday and Friday there was frost on the ground. Anyway, the flowers now are safely indoors. I am sure that, despite all, they are okay and will bloom again next summer.

Almost Mid September

Time flies. Almost mid September already. It has been raining quite a lot. No night frost yet but, I think I will move the flowers in pots, the dahlias and begonias, indoors for the winter any day now. Today the last bud of the Strawberry Candy day lily is in bloom. Yesterday while I was shooting the last photos of the summer of the dahlias and begonias our cat kept me company from the top of the fence post. Dahlias and begonias IMG_8652CStrawberry Candy day lily IMG_8670Cour cat Jacky IMG_8661C

Iron and Kerosene

The event Rauta ja Petrooli / Iron and Kerosene is a yearly event. It is taking place in Riihimäki this weekend, Saturday and Sunday. We visited it yesterday. As it was the last time in the fall, 6 years ago when we were there, it also now was a most beautiful summer day. In fact the last day of the summer, Today it is the 1st of September. Officially the first month of fall. The event mainly is about tractors but there also are all kind of other machines, classic cars, trucks, busses, motorbikes, flea market etc. This year the theme was Massey Ferguson.

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