The Third Dahlia

When I got this Dahlia five years ago the label said ”Dahlia, Fire and Ice”. I have looked for photos of Fire and Ice. None of them look like mine. They all are in white and red. The white dominating. So, Fire and Ice or not, I think mine really look like fire.

2 thoughts on “The Third Dahlia

  1. Joe Owens

    I like seeing different varieties of dahlias. I just published a post this morning about my family’s legacy of growing dahlias on my flower blog, Chasing the Blooms.

    1. aheikkinen Post author

      Thank you for visiting my blog. I visited your blog and found it very interesting. Especially I like the ‘Chasing the Blooms’ about the dahlias and you family’s legacy of growing them. Looking forward to visit your blog also in the future. Welcome back !


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