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Sinebrychoff Art Museum

Yesterday we visited the Sinebrychoff Art Museum where is held the exhibition Heavenly Colours – Blue and Gold. It is opened on March 28 and is open till August 25 this year. It was very nice. Here are some photos.

@ Sinebrychoff Art  Museum IMG_7978CLake View 1901 /Akseli Gallen-Kallela @ Sinebrychoff Art  Museum 20190713_104206_HDRCTable Clock 1760’s@ Sinebrychoff Art  Museum 20190713_104232_HDRCStill Life with Blue Figurines / Alfred William Finch@ Sinebrychoff Art  Museum 20190713_104245_HDRCWilho Sjöström /Professor J.J. Tikkanen 1913@ Sinebrychoff Art  Museum 20190713_104609_HDRCLouise Ulrika, Queen of Sweden 1770’s@ Sinebrychoff Art  Museum 20190713_104838_HDRCKing Charles XI of Sweden / David Klöckner Ehrenstrahl

Goodbye Camper


Our camper 20190618_094846_HDRC

We have sold our camper. We bought our first (an old, used one) camper in September 2006. Canelo, our dog, was only 5 months when we made our first road trip to Lapland in the beginning of October. It was so nice. In spring 2010 we sold it and bought an other used one. But, after Canelo left us in March 2018 I just didn’t want to go out on the road anymore. Already last summer I suggested we sell the camper but, my husband didn’t want to. Now he too realized it was time to put it for sale. I’m happy we got it sold but, at the same time I feel a little bit sad. Thank you camper for all the wonderful road trips. Have many more with your new family.

National Aerobatic Championships at Malmi Airport, 6 July 2019

During the years we have visited the airport not more than perhaps 5-6 times. This week I happened to see an ad about the aerobatic championships on Facebook. I said to my husband, hey lets go. We were unable to go there on Thursday/Friday when the main championships were held. But, there still was a lot of activity today. Also we wanted go there while it still is there as it sooner or later may be gone. The airport is 80 years old. One of the first airports in Helsinki. The future of Helsinki-Malmi Airport is threatened by the City of Helsinki’s intention to turn it into a residential area.” Good thing is, no binding decisions have been made yet. Thumbs up the city in the end will decide to let the airport stay where it is. “In March 2016 Helsinki-Malmi Airport was selected as one of the 7 Most Endangered Cultural Heritage Sites in Europe.”

As always, we really enjoyed the visit. Here are some photos from today’s visit. Unfortunately my lens refused to take any decent photos of the small planes high up in the sky !National Aerobatic Championships at Helsinki-Malmi Airport, 6 July 2019 20190706_112856_HDRNational Aerobatic Championships at Helsinki-Malmi Airport, 6 July 2019 IMG_7875CNational Aerobatic Championships at Helsinki-Malmi Airport, 6 July 2019 IMG_7878CNational Aerobatic Championships at Helsinki-Malmi Airport, 6 July 2019 IMG_7886CNational Aerobatic Championships at Helsinki-Malmi Airport, 6 July 2019 20190706_110442_HDRCNational Aerobatic Championships at Helsinki-Malmi Airport, 6 July 2019 IMG_7901CNational Aerobatic Championships at Helsinki-Malmi Airport, 6 July 2019 20190706_112610_HDRC


Yellow Cake & Orange Lily

Cakes 20190705_152940_HDRC

Today I made a cake. The same recipe I used for Valentine’s day. The Valentine’s cakes were topped with pink marzipan. Today I used yellow.

Yellow lilyYellow lilyYellow lily IMG_7866C

I’m so, so happy. The yellow lily which I thought was gone forever is in bloom. Two stems. I’m not sure about the name but, think it’s a Orange Stargazer Lily.

Pollen Free Lilies

Pollen free orange lilyPollen free orange lilies IMG_7850CPollen free orange lilies

My orange pollen free lilies are the first of my lilies to bloom. In fact they are the only pollen free I have. I now am awaiting for four others to bloom too. The Strawberry Candy Lily, so far, has no buds. I really hope I soon will be able to see some. Last year it looked like the Catherine Woodberry was gone. But, this summer, in the same place where it was, is a new plant. I’m so much looking forward to see if it is the Woodberry. Then there are two others that I don’t know the names of. The other one had one flower last year. A very beautiful one in yellow and a dark color which looked almost black. It will be interesting to see what the fourth one will look like.