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The Finnish RailwayMuseum

Yesterday we visited the Finnish Railway Museum where was held open day. Free of entrance. It was very nice and interesting. The old steam locomotives are huge, impressive and beautiful. In the end of the 1950’s I went to school by train. Those steam locomotives were much smaller. But they only needed to pull a couple of wagons.

Below text is from their leaflet.

The Finnish Railway Museum, a national collection specializing in rail transport, is situated at Hyvinkää, about sixty kilometres from Helsinki. The museum presents the history of Finnish railways within the pleasing and authentic railway setting of the station and engine shed of the former Hyvinkää-Hanko Railway, a private line built in the 1870s. The permanent exhibition, concentrating on rail travel, locomotive and rolling stock development, and railway occupations, is spread out in the various buildings within the museum grounds. The buildings include three exhibition halls, engine roundhouse, station building and railwaymen’s barracks.”

Deer With Babies

deer IMG_8234Cdeer with babies IMG_8239C

It has been my dream to see a deer who has a baby. Imagine my feelings when I saw this mom with, not just one baby but two. I was so excited that my hands were shaking. I still was over excited and happy when when I told my husband about the shots. I said believe it or not but, I think I have just taken the best ever photo of a deer with her two babies. I uploaded them to my computer. and Oh no ! I almost cried when I saw the photos. All five photos blurry ! No editing made the one with babies look good. It will take time to get over this. It was a once in a life time opportunity. I failed it.

Visiting both Seurasaari & Tamminiemi

Seurasaari/Fölisön is an open-air museum which celebrates its 110th anniversary this year. There are many old buildings transported to there from all around Finland. There are coffee shops, a museum shop and a church. There are held different events during the year. Workshops, events for children and Midsummer bonfire. Yesterday there was a crafts market. I can’t believe it’s 35 years since last time we visited the island.

After Seurasaari we went to visit Tamminiemi/Villa Ekudden which is situated close to Seurasaari. It was the residence of Finland’s presidents from 1940 – 1981. It became the Urho Kekkonen museum in 1987. He was the last president to live there. It was on our list of places to visit for many, many years. My husband have visited it a couple of times before but, yesterday was my first.

New Lenses / Chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemum IMG_7987CChrysanthemum IMG_8000CChrysanthemum IMG_8003CChrysanthemum IMG_8074COn Saturday, after we visited the art museum we went to the flea market across the street. Just to stroll around, not to buy anything. I saw a man selling two Canon lenses. I have two lenses which are 18-55mm and 90-300mm. He had two. The other one 28-80mm and the other 75-300mm. He didn’t ask too much for them (in my opinion) so I bought both. I have so far photographed using the 28-80mm. The three first photos are taken with the 28-80mm. The last one with the 18-55mm. I found it hard to see which is which. I wonder do I really need them. Maybe it was not a good idea to buy them. Perhaps I will, after all, sell them.