Drama in the garden !

A jay bird caught a chickadee/tit in the apple tree. I happened to look out the window and saw it happen. I grabbed my camera and ran out to take some photos. He landed with the tit onto the ground. Before I was out he almost had the the little bird plucked. He flew away with his beak full of stuff. Only the feathers remain in the grass. Unfortunately I was so excited that I forgot to check the camera settings. The photos, unfortunately, are blurry.

a jay bird IMG_7717Ca jay bird IMG_7718Ca jay bird IMG_7720C20190614_144859_HDRC

5 thoughts on “Drama in the garden !

    1. aheikkinen Post author

      Neither did I know. I had to google more about the Eurasian jay. I found out their diet contains of invertebrates, pest insects, seeds, fruits, berries, eggs, bats, small rodents, young birds . . . I felt sad both of the bird he took and bird’s friend who was in chock. But, that’s how it is.


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