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Midsummer Eve

Yesterday we celebrated the midsummer together with friends at their cottage. It was a gorgeous, sunny, warm day. In the evening we went down to the lake where the local bonfire was supposed to start at 10 pm. But as it has been pretty dry here for the last weeks or maybe a bit more than a month there was no fire this year. The material for it was there but, because the risk of forest fire was high it was forbidden. Despite no fire, everyone was in a good mood. Enjoying, the music, dancing, popcorn, grilled sausages, coffee, sweet buns etc. Nice !

Happy Midsummer

Midsummer Roses IMG_7715CCI love this time of the year. Daylight for 20 hours. Tomorrow it starts getting shorter. Luckily slowly. These white roses we call midsummer roses. They flower at midsummer. They are beautiful but last only a few days. Tomorrow is Midsummer Eve. Here in the south of Finland it is custom to have midsummer bonfires. We are going to watch one tomorrow in the evening around 10-11 pm.


Chikkadee/tit IMG_7722CIn my previous post about the Eurasian jay who took a small bird, a chickadee / tit, I didn’t mention his friend was in shock. He/she flew around, only to realize there was nothing he could do. A day or two there was no birds in the apple tree. Yesterday I saw one, all alone. May be the friend of the one that the jay took.

I hope my cat won’t take him or any bird at all. So far he seems to be interested in mice. Almost daily he finds one or two to bring to the terrace

Drama in the garden !

A jay bird caught a chickadee/tit in the apple tree. I happened to look out the window and saw it happen. I grabbed my camera and ran out to take some photos. He landed with the tit onto the ground. Before I was out he almost had the the little bird plucked. He flew away with his beak full of stuff. Only the feathers remain in the grass. Unfortunately I was so excited that I forgot to check the camera settings. The photos, unfortunately, are blurry.

a jay bird IMG_7717Ca jay bird IMG_7718Ca jay bird IMG_7720C20190614_144859_HDRC

29th Helsinki Samba Carnaval

As always a very entertaining event. This year we didn’t go to Senate Square because the day was very warm (plus 29 degrees Celsius) and there is no where to stay in the shadow. So we decided to rather stay on the Esplanade, to watch the parade, in the shadow of the trees. Lot of people. The music (very loud) , rhythm, singing, dancing, dancers all is so captivating. And all the colorful dresses. Uff, imagine, those who wore long dresses and heavy headpieces covering all of their head. Must have been sweaty.

@ Haaga Rhododendron & Azalea Park

Our fourth visit to the Rhododendron Park. The park was opened in 1975. We have visited it four times during the years. Last time was five years ago when we also had our sweet dog Canelo with us. The park is a very popular local attraction. Specially when the rhododendrons flower. So beautiful. Originally there was only rhododendrons. In 1996 the park was expanded with azaleas. There is always plenty people. Also today. Many had there dog with them. I missed my Canelo.

New Herb Bench – Jacky – Chive

New her bench 20190606_091803_HDRCToday I planted a tomato, a red pepper and a basil plant into the new wooden frame. It’s small, but there’s still room for some more herbs.  The one tomato is just for fun to get a few tomatoes. I had way too many last year.  Soon I will plant some more red pepper plants and also some oregano plants. Jacky 20190606_082622_HDRCLook how happy Jacky is when I gave him a tour in the wheelbarrow.chive in bloomThe chive is in bloom. My longtime favorite flower to photograph.


My husband came in and said there’s a squirrel in the garage. I grabbed the camera and ran out. Yes, he still was there. He was on the floor licking something . After a while he went into the garden. He sat there looking, for I don’t know what. Then he skipped away. Cute one.