Snowy Tree

snowy tree 20190124_165353cOn January 10th I posted “Snowy Trees” with, among others, two photos of this tree. I have some six, seven favorite trees I take photos of over and over again. Like the old oak tree, the cherry tree, an apple tree, and this one down by the lake and football/ice rink field. It’s a bit like the sunsets I take too many photos of. My husband shakes his head and says, do you really need all of them. No, he is right. I don’t. But . . .

4 thoughts on “Snowy Tree

  1. saxsilverain

    Hahahaha… 😂 but ypu can say that these are nature’s ’paintings’!! And you are a collector of the ’paintings’, so of course you have to take all of them! 😉


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