Monthly Archives: January 2019

Snowy Tree

snowy tree 20190124_165353cOn January 10th I posted “Snowy Trees” with, among others, two photos of this tree. I have some six, seven favorite trees I take photos of over and over again. Like the old oak tree, the cherry tree, an apple tree, and this one down by the lake and football/ice rink field. It’s a bit like the sunsets I take too many photos of. My husband shakes his head and says, do you really need all of them. No, he is right. I don’t. But . . .

Street Art

Street art, Helsinki Pasila 20190122_105549cOn Tuesday, the 22nd, we went to Helsinki, Pasila again. I so much looked forward to it. Because on the last visit there, about two and a half week ago, I saw some beautiful street art paintings. Now, they were nowhere to be found ! That was so disappointing. They were painted on removable walls but I never thought they would be moved before I was back. Well, next time I see something very nice I certainly will take the photos right away. Here is the only photo from the Tuesday trip which was taken through the car window at a red light stop.

By the way, we needed to go there also the next day. I found some paintings I had not seen before. Will post them as soon as I have edited them. There probably are many more to explore on other visits. 

Yesterday Sunset / Moonrise

Yesterday was clear skies all day and all night. Pretty cold though. Minus 16 – 18 degrees Celsius. On my daily walk down via the lake at about 3:45 pm the sun just set. Walking back home I saw the moon rise. Oh my goodness it was incredible ! The super blood wolf moon ! Huge, so bright, so much color. Unfortunately I’m too lazy nowadays to carry a camera with me all the time. So, even if I knew I would not get a good photo with my phone I had to give it a try. It is what it is.  Sunset 20190120_154541cMoonrise 20190120_161251c

Street Art

Yesterday, we (actually my husband) had some errands to take care of in Helsinki, Pasila. While he was taking care of the things he had to do I went for a walk to spot street arts. Brrr, it was cold ! Only minus 13 degrees Celsius. But, the wind made it feel like 23 ! After just a short walk across the street I found these three wall paintings I had not seen before. I quickly took the pictures and walked back to the car. Luckily I needed not wait for too long for my husband to be back. When driving away I saw a very nice piece of art which I hope to take photos of next time we go there. Which will be soon.