Amos Rex Art Museum

Last Saturday the line to the new Amos Rex Art Museum was very long. As it was raining and we already were soaking wet we decided to postpone our visit there. On Wednesday the weather was great and went to visited it. The line was much shorter but still it took us 30 minutes in line.

This is what it says about it on Wikipedia:

Massles, the first exhibition at the Amos Rex museum, is made by the Japanese collective teamLab. It consists of an immersive interactive art exhibition rich of colours and leaded by creativity. The viewers are encouraged to interact and explore with the surroundings giving rise to different results.”

It was different, interesting. Visitor’s drawings of crocodiles, lizards, butterflies, parrots, flowers flying, crawling, mowing, floating around all over.

A few snapshots at the The Helsinki International Christmas Market on the way to the car. 

5 thoughts on “Amos Rex Art Museum

  1. saxsilverain

    Thank you for replying! I was going to go last Thursday, but as you might remember it was a cold day and then right after we canceled it i read in two different news that the queue was like hundreds of meters long… thankfully we canceled it! A shame we missed this teamLab exhibition though, my husband and i would really enjoy it. But let’s hope it will come back one day, seeing that it was so popular. 😊

      1. saxsilverain

        Do you remember about how much time you spent inside the Amos Rex? Just wondering how much time we need for the whole queueing and going through the exhibition. 😊

      2. aheikkinen Post author

        saxsilverain, about an hour, of which 30 min queueing and 30 minute visiting the exhibitions. Had we not missed the Frosterus collection we had stayed a little longer. I would like to go again but, ! probably will not because of long time queuing. If you are going, enjoy ! ❤

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