@ Tivoli / Funfair

In the beginning of last week we saw ads the Funfair Seiterä would be visiting a sport field near us. Only 3 km away from where we live. My husband was kind of joking all the week about taking me there on Saturday. I let it all in the other ear and out the other. On Saturday in the afternoon I said to him, hey, let’s go to there. Hehe-heh, he thought I was joking. Usually it’s me, sometimes saying, don’t you think we are too old for this or that. This time it was him saying it. I said who cares, just let’s go. It’s entrance free and we can leave at anytime. I’m glad we went. It was so nice.

6 thoughts on “@ Tivoli / Funfair

  1. saxsilverain

    Ah when was the last time I went to a carnival… too long ago! The photos look lovely, and I’m also glad you went there after all! I mean, look at that cotton candy! 😁 definitely worth it!

    1. aheikkinen Post author

      Oh you should go. It was so nice. The cotton candy was for my husband. I only had a bite to taste it. Ufff, too sweet. Good thing there was a water tap where to wash your sticky fingers afterwards 😀


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