Garlic Festival and Chinese Kites

 @ Kerava Garlic Festival 2018

The first time the garlic festival in Kerava was held was in 1989. We love garlic and I remember we then decided to go there. Well, for some reason we never went. Not until now. It didn’t differ from other markets like farmers market or herring market, other than there was plenty garlic. We bought a jar of black garlic mayonnaise, garlic ice cream, buckthorn/ginger gel, the Devil’s sauce and some garlic bread. All very delicious and tasty.

@ Oittaa Chinese Kites happening IMG_4169CIn the afternoon we went to an other happening nearby us. The Chinese Kites at Oittaa(Oittans) on the shore of Lake Bodom. There is a nice beach, a camping area, you can play beach volley plus other outdoor activity possibilities and of course also swim. We didn’t see all the kites as we only stayed for a short time. But, I was happy with what I saw as I have not seen that huge kites so high up before.

4 thoughts on “Garlic Festival and Chinese Kites

  1. jenniferguerrero1

    Oh neat! We go to the garlic festival in Gilroy, California. They have the garlic ice cream, too. I flipped over some garlic caramels and garlic crab fries. The garlic wine felt like a mistake – lol!

    1. aheikkinen Post author

      Haven’t heard about garlic caramel. Sounds like something I would love. I will keep my eyes open for them next year if I will visit the festival again. Thank you jenniferguerrero1 for both the visit and nice comment 🙂


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