@ Ähtäri Snow Panda House (11 photos and 1 video clip)

The pandas, named Lumi and Pyry, arrived Finland in the beginning of this year. Yesterday we went to Ähtäri where they live. It was a long drive. Back and forth 704 km. The pandas were sleeping when we arrived. There was a lot of people. Everyone waiting for them to wake up. I heard a mom tell her two young daughters, who had got tired of waiting, to stop complaining. She said we will stay here and and wait for as long as it takes because we have paid a lot of money for this. Exactly what I had told my husband when he a few minutes earlier had wanted to give up waiting 😀 Then, suddenly, the other one, Pyry, woke and went out doors. Everyone hurried outdoors. Pyry knew there was hidden treats. He climbed the climbing frame up and down and found several of them. Aren’t you happy we stayed I asked my husband. Of course he said, I told you we shouldwait, didn’t I. Hah-hah-haa, so typical of him. I didn’t want to correct him and tell him which one of us said to wait 😉

3 thoughts on “@ Ähtäri Snow Panda House (11 photos and 1 video clip)

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