Nostalgic feelings

For weeks we had been discussing whether to take the nostalgic steam train trip from Helsinki to Porvoo or maybe to go by car and make a stop to shoot a video clip and take photos at my childhood station Hinthaara/Hindhår. We decided to go by car. We made the stop in Hinthaara/Hindhår. Then went to Porvoo/Borgå to take some more photos of the train and also to visit the old town. 

3 thoughts on “Nostalgic feelings

  1. saxsilverain

    Watched the video 3 times already now, haha… looks so exciting! I can imagine how nostalgic it would feel, I told my husband I would love to get on board with vintage (or vintage-looking) clothes and wave at the ‘modern time’ people outside the train! 😄 thanks for sharing the video! 💕

    1. aheikkinen Post author

      Thank you. It was so nostalgic.The sound, the smell etc. of the train. I hope you one day will do it and yes, wear vintage clothes. The woman at the cafeteria in Hinthaara wore a beautiful vintage (or maybe it was vintage looking) summer dress. I so much had wanted to take a photo but didn’t. In fact, you can see her waving in the video 🙂


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