Daily Archives: February 24, 2018

Lego Art Exhibition

Yesterday we were at the Lego Art Exhibition at Iso Omena shopping Center in Esbo. The Exhibition opened on Feb 6 and will close tomorrow. Even if Iso Omena is only, an about, 20 minute drive from us we hardly ever go there. Now, however, was a good time to go there. To, as we say; “catch two flies with one hit”. Meaning to see both the renovated, enlarged shopping center and the Lego arts. Both were so worth the drive. The shopping center is huge compared to the one we visit daily and also the Lego Arts, in my opinion, are huge. Imagine how many Lego bricks and hours to build them and how much they weigh ! My favorite is the tiger with the cub. I thought the ones at Omena were huge. I googled and saw even much bigger ones at different exhibitions around the world !