@ Ateneum Art Museum

Yesterday we visited the art museum Ateneum in Helsinki. We had planned to go there ever since The Von Wright Brothers and the Treasures From The National Gallery Of Duckenburg exhibitions opened in the end of October last year. Yesterday was the perfect time to go there because my husband had to take care of an errand nearby and it was a gorgeous, sunny day. I have, of course, seen pictures of both the von Wrights and the Duckenbergs in magazines, newspapers and on the internet but it’s not the same as to see the original paintings. I have always liked the von Wrights brothers’ paintings. Especially the birds and animals. But, all the others, still lifes, botanical themes, landscapes, wintry landscapes, portraits, drawings etc they all are fantastic. Also the paintings and drawings from different places in Helsinki showing how different the life was in the 1800’s was fascinating. There was quite many visitors. Photographing allowed without flash.

Snapshots from the exhibition + one of the Atenemum and some other buildings surrounding the railway station square.

By the way, good we went there yesterday because, today is a snowstorm ! Meteorologists say it will cause traffic jams.

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