Monthly Archives: January 2018

Growing Hyacinths in Water Vases

The hyacinths flowers. It took them about two months just as said in the instructions. I followed the instructions and wonder why my flowers don’t look as fantastic as those on the package 😉 Mine are not as colorful and strong and have not as many flowers on the stem. Anyway, it was interesting to follow the development. I think I will try some daffodil bulbs in the vases next. If there are bulbs to buy this early of the year. 


Mural by Teemu MĂ€enpÀÀ 20180116_110745CMural by Teemu MĂ€enpÀÀ 20180116_110823CWe had read about the mural in Karakallio painted by a Finnish artist Teemu MĂ€enpÀÀ. We, today, were in the neighbourhood in some errands and decided to drive there on the way back home. It’s a nice painting, isn’t it ? I like it. The story tells the couple in the painting lives there.

Miniature Model Railway Exhibition

Last week we visited the largest miniature model alpine railway exhibition in Finland. Arranged by the Alppirautatieharrastajat/The Alpine Railway enthusiasts at Sello shopping centre. It was both interesting and nice. I liked the trains but suddenly found myself admire the alpine views. They were beautiful with the tiny buildings and animals. There was a lot of visitors. The children really loved it. A dad with his, about 4 years, boy said they had been visiting the exhibition for several times because his boy wanted to go there again and again.

2018 January 1st

I hope you all had a great New Year’s Eve and Day. Here are some photos from yesterday, my first day of the year. A few centimeters of new fresh white snow in the morning covering the remains of the New Year’s fireworks. A new drawing which I’m not satisfied with at all. And, my first time, beetroot blue cheese casserole. It was yummy.