Monthly Archives: December 2017

Traditional Casseroles

I think I always say at Christmas that next year I’m not going to make any casseroles. We buy them. But, when it’s only a few days till Christmas I change my mind and make them. The casseroles on our Christmas table are rutabaga-, sweetened potato- and carrot casseroles. No photo of the carrot because I forgot to take it out from the oven in time. It got too dark. But, still OK after I peeled a thin layer away.

Christmas Tree

20171220_103934CCYesterday we bought a Christmas tree. Immediately we figured out it would be hard to get the tree in the car. The car is a small one and we have no roof rack. My husband suggested I take the car and drive home. He would walk, carry the tree. I didn’t want him to walk as the side walks were slippery and the tree heavy. I said let’s leave the tree, take the car home then walk back and we together carry the tree. Then my husband said why don’t we just squeeze it in. You and Canelo can walk home. We even can cut a bit from the top to make it fit. We turned both the front passenger seat backrest down as well as the back. We got the tree in and, yes, also me and Canelo. So we didn’t need to walk home 🙂

Christmas Tarts

To me the traditional Christmas tarts are with prune jam. I once tried them with apricot jam. Nothing wrong with the apricot but I think the real one is one with the prune jam. But, this year, the “in” thing is to top them with Fazer’s green jellies. As the green jellies are my husbands favorite goodies I decided to surprise him. To my disappointment he was not overwhelmed. Next time I will use prune jam.

Flowers & Jacky

About two weeks ago I bought the Azalea. It had no flowers in bloom yet but many buds. After a couple of days I thought they would not flower at all. But, now look. So beautiful !

The beautiful hyacinths are from a dear friend for the independence day. There is a lovely cent from them.

And then Jacky. When I started to photograph the flowers he so much wanted to be there. I was afraid he would destroy the flowers and had to put him into the bedroom until I was ready. Oh how happy he was when I let him out and allowed him to hop up onto the table.

Christmas Concert

We had the opportunity to go to a Christmas concert held at the St. John’s church in Helsinki. Listening to the beautiful Christmas songs sang by the boy and young men choir Cantores Minores in a church always is a powerful experience. On the way back home we made a quick stop just to shoot a couple of pictures of the Christmas decorations in Esplanade park. I am sure it will look even more beautiful in the dark.