Monthly Archives: November 2017

Earl Gray Cookies

Earl Gray Cookies 20171128_123507CCEarl Gray Cookies 20171128_124815CI have had the recipe on my to do list for two years. Finally I made them. According to the recipe the batch make about 50 pieces. They are 4 cm in diameter and ½ cm thick. I think mine are less than 4 cm and thinner than ½ cm because it made about 65 cookies. They are tiny but good. We had some for the afternoon coffee today. The rest I put in a old tin box for Christmas. Well, if we have not eaten them before.

Growing Hyacinths in Water Vases

About a week ago or may be a bit more I bought two packages of hyacinth bulbs in glass vases. I said to my husband, look at these, my mom and aunties used to grow hyacinths in water vases in the 50’s and 60’s. I have to buy a couple. I hope I will be able to grow them. Back home I put them in a kitchen cabinet to put in the vases the next day. But, oops, I had forgotten all about them till today when I happened to open the cabinet. I now have “planted” them, one pink and one blue, according to the instructions on the packages plus that I found more about how to succeed with them on the net. Unfortunately, they will not bloom in time for Christmas but beginning of next years will be nice too. 

Father’s Day ~ Carrot Cake

Carrot cake 20171112_122931CCarrot cake 20171112_132544CIt’s Father’s Day today. This year I made a carrot cake. As always when I tell my husband I am going to use carrots in a cake or in any other dessert he is kind of in panic. I can’t figure out why because, every time, afterwards he admits it was delicious. I hope you all had a great Father’s Day. 


Christmas tree

Christmas tree with lightsYesterday when we went to the nearby supermarket my husband said, isn’t it strange that the Christmas tree is not yet here. I said, I think they won’t bring it until the end of this month. Today when we went there we both, at the same time said, look, look, the tree, it’s here. It literally brightened our mood on a gray rainy day.

Blue Butterflies & Black-eyed Susans

Two more colorings. First I colored the one with the butterflies in blue with the background in white. I looked at it and thought it might have looked nicer with a black background. I printed a second page. I said to my husband I will color the butterflies in green this time. I regret the black background. Anyway, it doesn’t matter because, eventually they probably will end up in the shredder.