Daily Archives: September 24, 2017

Oil Tank 468


Some days ago our son told us the Oil Tank 468 would be open for the public for three weekends in a row, Saturdays and Sundays 6-9 pm. My husband said let’s go there. Some 22 years ago, when still at work and the tanks still were in use, he had been there because of his work. I remember, he back then, told me he had climbed the ladders straight up to the top and then back down. He was not 100% sure was it this exact same tank but it looked exactly like the one he had been up on. From what we read on the net we understood when dark the tank would be lighted up in different colors. There were many, many people. We were there in good time, already right after 6 pm. Sunset at about 7:30.We waited and waited. At 8:30 pm it was pitch dark but no colorful lights. Lot of people started to walk away from there and so did we. Lights or no lights, I still think it was worth going there. After a beautiful warm sunny day the evening too was very nice. By the way, I just googled for more photos and found some very nice ones, shot after dark, in different colors. Should we have stayed until 9 pm ? Probably.