Garden Day @ Axxell, Överby, Espoo

On May 20th we visited the Spring garden day at Axxell. It was so nice and warm. Yesterday the Fall garden day took place. Cloudy, no, rain, not too cold. Very nice too.  Lot to buy. Flower bulbs, flower plants, bushes and tree plants to. I didn’t buy any plants but will next spring. You also could buy all kind of jam, pickled garlic, fresh vegetables, cookies, cup cakes, tools etc. As in the spring, I also now bought cute cup cakes. It was the same young woman selling them. And I bought a package of Christmas cards. I thought they were painted by the woman selling them but she said it’s her daughter, Maarit Ailio, who is the painter. I googled her and there are so many more cute paintings by her. When my husband saw the cards he said “what already” ? ! Yes, it’s Christmas in less than four months, isn’t it 😀

2 thoughts on “Garden Day @ Axxell, Överby, Espoo

  1. elizabetcetera

    Are those zucchini blossoms in photo #7?! I wish I could find those where I live … They are so tasty when pan fried or stuffed. I have only had them in Italy. Mmmm! Pretty photos. Thanks for sharing! 💐🌸🌺

    1. aheikkinen Post author

      Hi elizabetcetera 🙂 Thank you for the “like” and nice comment. Yes, they are zucchini blossoms. If I thought mine were huge I can tell these were really huge ones and beautiful. I wish my flowers had not been invaded by snails 😦 If I grow zucchini again next summer I hope there will be no snails so I can try pan fry or stuff some.


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