Naïve Art Exhibition

Yesterday I, together with friends, visited the naïve art exhibition in Iittala, Lasimäki. Paintings by many artists, about 40. Here are a few photos. I, of course, love the cats painted by Martti Lehto. They are adorable. We also visited the Glass Museum, shopped at Finlayson and Iittala outlet stores. At Finlayson I bought a beautiful umbrella and at Iittala a Myrna mug. It was a such a nice day. The Myrna coffee pot is one I bought 10 years ago. The inside of it is in bad condition so it’s not for use, just display.

2 thoughts on “Naïve Art Exhibition

  1. saxsilverain

    i love all the paintings you took pictures of! how cute that you have both Myrna coffee pot & cup from then and now, you can compare the design & how it has evolved. and oh, that umbrella! ❤ Jacky loves it, too. 😀 next time it's raining outside please use that umbrella and i will surely recognize you if i see you somewhere on the street. 😉

    1. aheikkinen Post author

      Thank you ❤ It was such a nice exhibition. I would have love to have 1/2 dozen Myrna mugs but am happy with the one I bought. As I mentioned earlier. I just cannot buy more mugs. There's not even more space for more 😀 Yup, I will always use the umbrella when raining so you will be able to recognize me 😉


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