Visit at the stable

Yesterday was a gorgeous, warm , sunny day. A perfect day to pay a visit at the stable where my sister keeps her horse. Also this summer there was a foal. So very cute. I shot a short video clip of the foal and the proud mom. It’s become tradition that we afterwards, all together, go for lunch. The cafeteria we usually have been to, recently opened an other one down by the sea. Thank you for a lovely day !

5 thoughts on “Visit at the stable

    1. aheikkinen Post author

      Third summer in a row with a foal there. Yes, they are so cute. I every time say I want one 😀 Her horse has come to remember I bring him carrots. He loves carrots and I always haven some for him. We were talking and I didn’t give him them immediately so he gentle pushed me to tell me to give them.


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