Sparrow Babies

Sparrow babies IMG_5656CSparrow parent IMG_5637CSparrow babies IMG_5660CSparrow babies IMG_5659CSparrow babies IMG_5663CSparrow babies IMG_5669CAlready for some time I have heard the baby sparrows under the garage roof and seen the parents bring them food. I wonder are they the same couple who were there last summer. Yesterday in the morning when I looked up I saw three hungry babies screaming for food and soon enough a parent came and all three opened their mouths. They actually look fully grown already and ready to leave the nest. One even came outside (pics 3 and 4) and it looked like it wanted to follow the parent. But, then went back in. They are so cute but messy. We need to clean it up a bit when they have moved away.

7 thoughts on “Sparrow Babies

  1. saxsilverain

    very lovely pictures, and the birds were even okay with you taking pics from that distance. ❤ who knows, maybe one of them will be back again next year as a parent. 🙂

    1. aheikkinen Post author

      Thank you 🙂 I was not too close. Used full zoom and then cropped the photos. That’s what I said to my husband, maybe one of them will be back next year. After they left the nest they stayed two days in the hawthorn hedge.


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