The Kaivopuisto Air Show 2017

The Air Show was arranged by the Finnish Aviation Museum and took place in Kaivopuisto Helsinki yesterday. The weather was gorgeous. Lots and lots of people. We were not there from the very beginning but, we saw Finnair’s new Airbus A 350 while still walking to the site of the event. Unfortunately I was not yet ready with my camera. We also saw Arctic Eagles, Typhoon and Gripens fly. They were fast and the noise level was high. I’m happy we didn’t take Canelo with us. The gray color of those planes made it hard for me to follow and my photos were no good. I deleted them all. Luckily the Red Arrows red color made it much easier to photograph.

A short clip. Quality not very good.

4 thoughts on “The Kaivopuisto Air Show 2017

  1. saxsilverain

    ah, now this one i of course went to as well (since my husband’s passion is airplanes). the A350 flew so low, it was kind of surreal & amazing to see it so close in the city. my fave was of course also the Red Arrows. when it was time for them to show up, i was wondering where they would show up from… and suddenly vrooooooooom!!! they came right from behind us with the British flag colours smoke, so loud and so precisely shaped as a red arrow that everybody started to clap right away, LOL! 😀 it was such a nice experience!
    PS. i have a not-so-great video of the A350, if you’d like to see it maybe i can try sending it to you via email?

    1. aheikkinen Post author

      In fact, I thought you and your husband would be there 🙂 Heh-heh, imagine had we met there 😀 Oh yes, please, I’d love to see the video.


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