The Bird Chicks

Thursday morning, June 1st, only one chick in the nest. Oh doesn’t he look lonely. The mother high up in tree, stared at me. I could feel her think. Oh no, you again ! I hurried to take three pictures and then l walked away. I should have shot a couple more as they are a bit blurry (again). But, I want to disturb the birds as little as possible.

Walking back from the nest I saw these two birds in an apple tree further away from the tree where the nest is. I think they are chicks. I’m not sure about whether they are from “my” nest. But very cute ones.Bird chick in the nest

Yesterday in the morning, June 2nd, I thought the nest was empty as I saw no one there. But, in the evening I saw this last little one sitting on the edge of the nest. I took only one picture. Didn’t want to scare him off the edge. But, he probably left the nest later. It has been so nice to be able to follow the growing of the chicks. This is the first time in my entire life I have had the rare opportunity. I wish them all the best now when they are out in the big wide world 🙂

2 thoughts on “The Bird Chicks

  1. saxsilverain

    aww… i do hope the last one was able to fly soon after your post! my blog friend in UK told me she has a small bird house in her backyard and installed a ‘birdcam’ right before the birds come to use it in spring. these birdcams are supposedly for sale in Amazon. this is the link to her blogpost about it, it’s written in Indonesian but you can see the pics. 🙂

    1. aheikkinen Post author

      I’m sure the last one was able to make it. The nest is empty and I miss my babies. Thank you for the link to your friend’s blog. Wow ! Very nice pictures. If there will be birds nesting in our garden I’ll by a ” birdcam” 🙂


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