Nordic Heads of States in Helsinki

Today all the Nordic heads of states are in Helsinki, Finland to celebrate the anniversary of Finland 100 years of independence. We were, outside the Presidential Palace, when they arrived. There was so many people. To my delight, a tourist, a very polite gentleman helped me get a spot in the front row. So kind of him. For photographing it was not the best spot but, at least, I was able to take a few pictures. In the morning it was cold but sunshine. In the distance you could see clouds. They got darker all the time and came closer and closer. At about 10:30 they were almost above us. Everybody wished it would not rain. But, at 10:40 seconds before the presidential couple and the royal couples stepped out on the balcony a cold wind blew hard and it started to rain and hail. I heard a tourist say to an other: summer day in Finland. To my disappointment I was not able to take any photos of King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia of Sweden.

2 thoughts on “Nordic Heads of States in Helsinki

  1. saxsilverain

    i first saw the pics and thought, wow, you got such a real nice spot to take pics among all of those people! 😀 then i read that you got it thanks to a tourist, LOL. very nice shots, just a shame about the rain & hail (i was out on a trip at that time and missed it completely!).


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