The Bird Chicks

Last night we all woke to thunder and heavy rainfall. Oh no, I said to my husband, I’m so worried about the bird babies in the apple tree. I hope the nest will not be knocked down by it. He said, go put an umbrella over them. After I had morning coffee I took my camera and went there. How happy I was to see the nest was still there and also the chicks. After my first shot, I saw through the lens, one of the parents land on the edge of the nest with a big worm in hers/his beak. Oh my gosh, I couldn’t believe, such a luck. I shot several pictures in a row hoping that at least some of them would be sharp enough to post on my blog. The one with the worm is very blurry. But, I still wanted to post it because of the huge worm. I’m so happy the birds are okay.

2 thoughts on “The Bird Chicks

  1. aheikkinen Post author

    Ufff, yes, it was hard. But so good for the nature. You are right about those birds and nests. They really are made to last. Fantastic ! 🙂

  2. saxsilverain

    ah, the rain must have forced the worms to come out of their homes, which is good for the birds. and those bird nests are surprisingly sturdy! i was just going to sleep last night when i heard the thunders, and then went to see the rain & lightning from our balcony. it really was quite hard! but thankfully those birds (and nests) are made to last! 🙂


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