Baby Chicks

Chicks in the nest IMG_5342CChicks in the nest IMG_5337CChicks in the nest IMG_5335C Yesterday in the afternoon I saw there were baby chicks in the nest. Four small heads and beaks.  Unlike to what I replied to a friend blogger they do not scream for food, which I thought would be the case, because the sparrow chicks under our garage roof are loud and scream loudly for food. I think they were there already on Monday afternoon when I first saw one of the parents there. They may be about a week now. I read they are ready to leave after 14-16 days. I hope I will still be able to take some more photos, some better photos of them. W’ll see.

2 thoughts on “Baby Chicks

  1. saxsilverain

    yay, they have hatched! maybe they are still too ‘young’ to scream? 😀 LOL. but wow, imagine that only in 14-16 days they will already fly, that’s quite fast! and of course: very nice pictures!

    1. aheikkinen Post author

      Yup, they have 😀 I now know these chicks don’t scream. They know, or mom/dad has told them, to keep quiet, which is very wise. It IS amazing how fast they grow after hatched.


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