Marimekko Fashion Show

The first time we went to watch the Marimekko yearly Fashion Show in Helsinki in the Esplandi Park was two years ago, in spring 2015. Then it  was the 25th time to be held. Last year, for some reason, we didn’t go there. Today is a such a glorious, warm, sunny day for an outdoor event. Plus 26 degrees Celsius. The event is free of charge and open for everyone. 

2 thoughts on “Marimekko Fashion Show

  1. aheikkinen Post author

    I know, it’s always on a weekday. Thumbs up you soon will have the opportunity to go there. Paula & band were there. She is such a good singer, song writer, artist etc. Hey, I’m looking forward to see your version of the dress on the second row.

  2. saxsilverain

    ugh, as always, i was stuck at work the whole day. but thanks for the pictures! did Paula Vesala sing there as well? she’s one of my fave Finnish singers. and that dress on the second row of your pictures have been on my mind for months, i was thinking of making a copy of it. 😉


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