Mirror Glaze Cake

Some weeks ago I was browsing the “Pirkka” magazine and saw the beautiful picture of a mirror glaze cake. I read the recipe for several times and said to my husband. I will make this cake for Mother’s Day on May 14 which also, this year, happens to be our 50-years wedding anniversary. I read the recipe very thoroughly, again and again. I wanted to avoid mistakes. Everything looked so good, even the glaze until I poured it onto the cake. I have no idea what went wrong but the glaze was too thick and looked lumpy. Not at all like the one in “Pirkka” or like the gorgeous ones I looked up on Google. My husband said, don’t worry about the look as long as it’s edible I’m happy. It was edible and pretty yummy too. But, I give up, no more mirror glaze cakes for me. At least for now 😉Mirror glaze cake / mango cheesecakeMirror glaze cake / mango cheesecake

4 thoughts on “Mirror Glaze Cake

  1. saxsilverain

    as always, you’re being too hard on yourself! 😀 all i see is a delicious cake! 😀

    happy belated golden anniversary, dear friend! wishing you many more good years with your husband! and of course, happy belated Mother’s day, too!

    1. aheikkinen Post author

      Thank you so much for both the anniversary greetings and Mother’s day too. Your nice comments on my baking always make me feel so good 🙂

    1. aheikkinen Post author

      Thank you for asking. The mousse, main taste is the mango as there is 4 dl of mango purée + also a little of lemon . The glaze is very sweet. It has white chocolate, glucose syrup and condensed milk. It was quite good 🙂


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