Swan Pair & Liverleaf In White

Earlier in the spring there were many more swans here. I was able to spot several couples. Some staying on this side of the lake and others on the other side. These two are the only ones staying here now. All the others have moved northwards, I think.

On Thursday we visited my childhood friend. She told me she’s got liverleaf in white and asked me have I ever seen white ones. Yes, I said. Remember, we together found them in the woods. We probably were about 11 years old. Gosh, time flies, that was 60 years ago. I was happy to see them once again as I haven’t seen a single one since that first time. Before we left she gave me two plants. Thumbs up that they will like it here and multiply.

2 thoughts on “Swan Pair & Liverleaf In White

  1. saxsilverain

    such a lovely swan couple! and i love the second pic of them, so cute that they’re both looking down the water at the same time! 😀 i’m sure you can soon see their newly hatched children as well. 😉

    1. aheikkinen Post author

      Aww, that would be so nice to see baby swans here. Thumbs up it will happen and I will be able to shoot a couple of photos. Yes, they look cute and bit funny looking for food at the same time 😀


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