Potato Salad & Spring Tart

Homemade potato salad and mint chocolate cheese cake. Potato salad & sausages are pretty much traditional First of May food here. Well, at least in our family. Sometimes I make the salad myself but mostly I buy it.

The mint chocolate domino cookie cheese cake/tart is one I had had on my mind for quite a time. I actually had planned to make it for Easter but when I saw the yellow mango cheese cake in a magazine I wanted to make it for Easter and decided to make the mint cheese for the 1st of May. Oh my, it is yummy + I’m sure, has trillions of calories ! The one in the picture in the magazine is so beautifully decorated. I tried to make mine look the same. Of course it doesn’t ! But, my family made me feel happy, by saying it to them, really looks nice.

4 thoughts on “Potato Salad & Spring Tart

  1. saxsilverain

    are you kidding me? that cake looks absolutely gorgeous & delicious! ❤ we only bought ready made sausages (and there was no salad anymore, LOL… we were too late!) and ready made carrot cake. 😀

    1. aheikkinen Post author

      Thank you my dear friend ❤ There's nothing wrong with ready made things 🙂 When I was still working I hardy every made anything myself. I took up cooking and baking when I became a pensioner. I truly feel like a rookie rookie in the kitchen. Often learning by the mistakes 😀


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