Monthly Archives: April 2017

Potato Salad & Spring Tart

Homemade potato salad and mint chocolate cheese cake. Potato salad & sausages are pretty much traditional First of May food here. Well, at least in our family. Sometimes I make the salad myself but mostly I buy it.

The mint chocolate domino cookie cheese cake/tart is one I had had on my mind for quite a time. I actually had planned to make it for Easter but when I saw the yellow mango cheese cake in a magazine I wanted to make it for Easter and decided to make the mint cheese for the 1st of May. Oh my, it is yummy + I’m sure, has trillions of calories ! The one in the picture in the magazine is so beautifully decorated. I tried to make mine look the same. Of course it doesn’t ! But, my family made me feel happy, by saying it to them, really looks nice.

Hail & Thunder

Typical April weather, is what my mom would have said. Poor flowers. They look miserable and beaten by the hail storm yesterday. The weather changed several times from sunshine to almost as dark as in the night. We even heard a thunder.

Avocado Mint Ice Cream

There is a recipe in the latest K-Mat magazine of how to make avocado mint ice cream. Yesterday I made it. My husband, of course, was chocked when I told him I’m going to make it. He said, avocado and strong mint sounds absolutely awful. I said, you don’t have to eat it. In the morning I wanted to shoot some photos. I opened the freezer. Geeez ! It had got stuck ! I had to defrost the freezer in order to get it out. Something I had not planned to do today. So after defrosting etc we finally were ready to have it with the afternoon coffee. I put some grated chocolate on the top. My husband said it was much better than he had imagined. He even took a refill 😀

Mango Cheesecake

Mango CheesecakeMango Cheesecake Yesterday I made a mango cheesecake. I didn’t decorate it because I forgot to buy fresh berries. The cake in the magazine was decorated with fresh berries. I didn’t want to use frozen because when they melt it looks messy. No sunshine in the first picture but in the second one. The stripes are from the window blinds.

Liverleaf (Anemone hepatica)

Liverleaf, blåsippa, sinivuokko IMG_3174CLiverleaf, blåsippa, sinivuokko Yesterday on the way back home from the evening walk I saw the first liverleaf in bloom. Soon there will be plenty of them. They will cover the ground and turn it into a blue carpet. Unfortunately I was able to take only one photo before my camera informed it run out of charge. I forgot to charge it last night. I took an other camera with me this morning. So on the way back from the dentist I went to take some more photos. Oh no ! Again, one photo and also this camera run out of charge. Well, I am charging them now 😀