Jacky & Formula 1

Season start for F1 this morning. Last fall Jacky and I were watching every race together. I wondered would he still be interested in watching. Yup, he was just as much as before. It’s exhausting and he took a nap right after the race was over.

4 thoughts on “Jacky & Formula 1

  1. Farhan Maleq

    AAARGHHH!!! Why Sebastian Vettel wins the 2017 Australian GP?!! I WANT LEWIS HAMILTON!!! WHY SEBASTIAN VETTEL??? Thankfully, Lewis Hamilton retained his lead in the WDC from Sebastian Vettel, after the 2017 Italian GP and now, he’s going to be World Champion for the 4th time in the 2017 USGP!

  2. aheikkinen Post author

    He did watch the two first races. I don’t why he didn’t yesterday. Maybe he was just tired yesterday or then he doesn’t think it’s interesting anymore 😀


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