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cheesecake glögijuustokakkucheesecake glögijuustokakku

In the Christmas issue of Pirkka magazine I saw the picture of a mulled spiced wine cheesecake. So pretty. I had to make one.

The bottom is of crushed gingerbread cookies. The cheese layer soft fresh cream cheese and the topping red jelly mulled wine. I should have use a different kind of mulled wine as my topping is not as dark red as in the picture in the magazine. Despite that, the cake is good. But, oh no ! So many calories !

Before & After

Canelo img_2835cCanelo img_2882c Canelo needed a grooming. So we took him to the groomer yesterday. This was the first time since Jacky came into the family. Oh my, you should have seen Jacky’s face when we came back home. His jaw dropped. Eyes and mouth wide open he stared at Canelo. What on earth happened to you ? ? And you really smell oddly ! All afternoon and evening he just had to sniff, lick and touch him. Canelo felt a bit annoyed and told him to leave him alone. This morning things are back to normal 🙂

Soft Gingerbread

Soft gingerbread with Philadelphia cheese & lingonberry topping img_2732cSoft gingerbread with Philadelphia cheese & lingonberry topping img_2736cI saw a picture of soft gingerbread with Philadelphia cheese/lingonberry jam topping. Had to make them. Of course my “breads” don’t look as nice and delicious as did the ones in the picture in the “Hemmets Journal”. But, my husband was happy and said mine were fine and yummy. Maybe I will make some for Christmas. Who knows 🙂


Bird img_2715cJacky img_2719cJacky img_2718cJacky img_2721cJacky has not been outdoors for a month. Either the weather’s been lousy, it’s been too cold or we have been busy.Today was the perfect time to go explore the outside world again. Jacky was much more relaxed this time. He sat a good time by the fence just enjoying different smells listening to all the sounds. Then ! A bird came and sat on the branch above him. He was trembling with excitement. The bird sat there for a good while. He looked at the both of us and made some sound. Sounded like cluck, cluck. A bit like a hen. When my husband returned from the store and drove to the yard the bird flew away.