New Lookout Spot

Jacky img_2622c Jacky loves his window sill in the utility room. (Blog post Oct. 2) He spends a lot of time up there. The window is too high up for me to see what he sees. I know there are birds and squirrels. But, not all the time. So I think he often just meditates. Last night we put up a new shelf in the bedroom for him to be able to watch what’s going on on the road side of our house. We put the shelf halfway up the window. I looks strange but it doesn’t matter. As long as Jacky is happy we are happy. And he is. I even saw him up there in the middle of the night at some point.

3 thoughts on “New Lookout Spot

  1. aheikkinen Post author

    I recall your wonderful writing about Romppu. It was so touching. ❤ Sometimes I think it would be so nice to know both cat's and dog's thoughts 🙂 Sometimes I think they know my 😀

  2. saxsilverain

    ❤ Jacky reminds me a bit of Romppu (my husband's uncle's dog who had passed away). he used to look out the window of our apartment, their own house (he had his own bedroom) and also from the car. i used to wonder what his thoughts were when he looked outside. 🙂


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