Jacky, two video clips

When I posted the pictures of Jacky on October 6 up on the laundry drying rack we thought he was done with the rack. But how wrong were we ? ! Nope, now it’s his favorite hobby. He’s up there many times a day. I still am afraid he will fall. The floor is so hard. It’s concrete covered with ceramic tiles. I have tightened the cord. I think it’s safer. Some nights we can hear him jump up there after we have turned off the lights at bed time. I can’t believe hi is doing it because it’s pitch dark ! Yesterday when he was up there my husband called me to come look. Really ! Jacky half asleep laying across the rack. My husband suggested we take the rack down. I don’t know. Would have to put it back every time I do the washing. Maybe we have to take it down when we leave Jacky at home alone. Thumbs up he grows out of the habit soon.

2 thoughts on “Jacky, two video clips

    1. aheikkinen Post author

      We thought of taking it down but we found out it wouldn’t help. He is up there also when there is laundry 😀 But I believe he will soon grow out of the habit.


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