Alpacas & Alpaca socks

Alpacas img_2448c Alpacas img_2444c Alpaca img_2443c Alpaca socks img_2456c

On Saturday there was the November market at Myyrmäki market square outside Myyrmanni mall. “Koiramäen kartano” had Alpaca products. Mittens, socks, beanies etc. I bought two pairs of socks. They had brought with them these two very cute Alpacas. Both were enjoying their “food” and didn’t seem to let anything bother them.

4 thoughts on “Alpacas & Alpaca socks

  1. saxsilverain

    Alpacas are so cute! i thought at first that you went to alpaca therapy (my mum-in-law had it some time ago, she said it worked!), but alpaca socks are equally comforting! 😉

    1. aheikkinen Post author

      They are. I’d love to have one or two 🙂 Never heard about alpaca therapy so I googled for information. Wow ! There are therapy alpacas visiting old people’s home, homes for people with disabilities etc. How wonderful ❤ I do understand your mum-in-law loved it.


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