Daily Archives: October 27, 2016

@ the Vet

Jacky at the vet img_2353c Jacky at the vet img_2354c Jacky at the vet img_2355cYesterday we were at the vet with Jacky for vaccination against rabies. The vet is very familiar to us. He has treated all our cats and dogs except for our cat Misse. I asked him may I take a picture when you vaccinate him. He said no problem. Take a couple , just in case. While we were talking he petted Jacky and I took two pics. Then he vaccinated him. We were about to leave when I mentioned to him I, by the way, I forgot to take the picture 😀 He said no problem. We can reconstruct it, the needle is still here. I got my pic 🙂 Thank you so much. Jacky, you did so well. Both the car ride and at the vet. No more vaccinations before a year from now.