Sunsets & Colorful Trees

colourful leaves img_2162c sunset img_2170c sunset img_2175cc colourful leaves img_2266cc colourful leaves img_2269cThe last four five days have been cloudy and a bit windy. This morning it was raining sleet. Weather forecast for tomorrow is snow, yes even here in the south of Finland. So far we have not had fire in the fire place but will asap because in my opinion it’s cold inside. And dark. Need to have the electric lights on all day. I was browsing pictures from earlier of the month and found a few to remind of beautiful sunsets and colourful leaves.

4 thoughts on “Sunsets & Colorful Trees

  1. saxsilverain

    very lovely pics! and how nice, you have your own fire place! yes, i think soon it’s time for you to put on some fire. 🙂

    the first three pics are so familiar and nostalgic, are they from Pitkäjärvi (again)?

    1. aheikkinen Post author

      Thank you saxsilverain 🙂 It’s so warm and cosy with a fireplace. Yes, my friend, they are from Pitkäjärvi as are most of my lake & sunset pics 😀


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