Turku Castle

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On Saturday I visited Turku Castle with friends. It was on my list of places to visit for a very long time. Turku is 170 km away from Helsinki. By train about two hours. It was quite a walk from the railway station. We walked both ways. At the castle we took a one hour guided tour. It took us around in the main building. It was very interesting to learn so much of the history of the castle. After the guided tour we spent one more hour to walk in the museum parts. My feet and legs hurt the next day. There are so many steps to climb in the castle. Many of them very steep, high and narrow.

There were many visitors so it was not easy to take pictures nor was it allowed to use the flash. The pictures are what they are.

Nowadays you may rent facilities for meetings, conferences, weddings, dinners etc. We easily could have spent much more time in the castle but had to leave to have time for lunch. Panimoravintola Koulu is a Finnish Brewery restaurant. It is situated in a former school building from 1889. Nice place, good food. It was a gorgeous, beautiful autumn day ! Thanks my friends for all the hilarious discussions and laughter.

If you ever visit Turku I warmly recommend visiting the castle. Meanwhile, for more, visit the website http://www.turunlinna.fi


4 thoughts on “Turku Castle

    1. aheikkinen Post author

      Thank you saxsilverain. Oh you must go there. Turku is such a nice city to visit. In my opinion a summer visit is the best. Now a days both bus and train fare are reasonable compared to 6-7 years ago. Turku at Christmas also is worth a visit. You know Suomen Turku is the official Christmas town in Finland. (sorry, I simple had forgotten to respond to your comment)


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