Tightrope Walker !

Jacky our cat img_2153cJacky our cat img_2159cJacky our cat img_2160c

Tuesday morning I was in the kitchen and happened to see when Jacky jumped from the washing machine on to the shower room door. I shouted to my husband, oh no, hurry ! My husband was there in a second, raised his arms to take him down but Jacky jumped to the laundry drying rack. I ran to the bedroom where the camera was. A few pics before my husband took him down. Lo and behold, in five minutes he was there again! Not even the closed door stopped him. He made it direct from the washing machine ! So, Tuesday and yesterday he was back up there several times. So far, today we have not seen or heard him up there. I told him he better stay away so we need not to worry he will hurt himself while we are away.

4 thoughts on “Tightrope Walker !

  1. aheikkinen Post author

    No, none of the other cats did anything this extreme 😀 Cats usually land on their feet and doesn’t get hurt. It’s me, I’m more worried than he is 😀

  2. saxsilverain

    yikes! it does look dangerous, but i can understand why Jacky loves it, LOL!! 😀 they say cats always land on their feet, but i guess the dangerous thing would be if something falls on top of the cat… i hope it will never happen! (did you previous cats ever do the same thing as Jacky? :D)


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