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Gluten Free Pie

Gluten Free Salmon Pie img_2126cGluten Free Salmon Pie  img_2127c

Last week I made gluten free pie. I actually made three. Friends were to came to visit on Sunday and the other one of them is on gluten free diet. I have never (as far as I remember) made anything gluten free. I thought I’d try to make something gluten free. A smoked salmon pie.  I said to my husband I must make one already on Friday. He said why don’t you do that on Saturday. No, no, I said. Because if the first one is a total disaster I still can try an other recipe on Saturday. The first one with smoked salmon on Friday was pretty good but I was not happy with the crust. By the way, I forgot to take a picture of it 😉 On Saturday I made a new one. This time with ham. Because my husband said smoked salmon pie three days in a row is too much 🙂 This crust was better. So I used the same recipe for the Sunday salmon pie. Our guests said it was delicious. My husband said it was the best one of all three and that it also looked the best. Did you take a picture, he asked. Oh, no I forgot ! Our friends both looked perplexed. They asked why ? Should you have had to take a picture ? I felt a bit awkward and embarrassed but admitted I post pictures of food I cook on my blog. Not everyday food but food I seldom make or new recipes I like try out.