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My Friends !

halloween-2016c❤ ❤ ❤

I bought this cute little Kalanchoe blossfeldiana(Flaming Katy, tulilatva) in this cute little pot with cat, pumpkins and bats on it. There are no outdoor flowers in bloom this time of the year nor beautiful sunsets to photograph. So, why not a picture of the Halloween pot. Of course, my little helper Jacky hurries to offer help. To his disappointment I moved him away when he started to bite the leaves. I read on internet that these plants are toxic to cats and dogs

@ the Vet

Jacky at the vet img_2353c Jacky at the vet img_2354c Jacky at the vet img_2355cYesterday we were at the vet with Jacky for vaccination against rabies. The vet is very familiar to us. He has treated all our cats and dogs except for our cat Misse. I asked him may I take a picture when you vaccinate him. He said no problem. Take a couple , just in case. While we were talking he petted Jacky and I took two pics. Then he vaccinated him. We were about to leave when I mentioned to him I, by the way, I forgot to take the picture 😀 He said no problem. We can reconstruct it, the needle is still here. I got my pic 🙂 Thank you so much. Jacky, you did so well. Both the car ride and at the vet. No more vaccinations before a year from now.

Sunsets & Colorful Trees

colourful leaves img_2162c sunset img_2170c sunset img_2175cc colourful leaves img_2266cc colourful leaves img_2269cThe last four five days have been cloudy and a bit windy. This morning it was raining sleet. Weather forecast for tomorrow is snow, yes even here in the south of Finland. So far we have not had fire in the fire place but will asap because in my opinion it’s cold inside. And dark. Need to have the electric lights on all day. I was browsing pictures from earlier of the month and found a few to remind of beautiful sunsets and colourful leaves.

Apple Jam

apples img_2223capples img_2225capples, apple jam img_2235c

Wednesday evening when Canelo and I were on our way home from our evening walk, I saw three plastic bags underneath a mailbox. I thought what a strange place to put your garbage. Oh my, that’s not garbage. It said good jam apples for free. The garden has many apple threes and this was a good apple year. Also our tree had many but were no good because of apple worms or whatever insects. I picked a bag. No one there but I said thank you so much anyways. Next morning I made apple jam. Two glass jars and one Tupperware freezer container. Not much but so yummy on porridge, pancakes, waffles, bread or in a Swiss roll and . . . it’s home made.

Turku Castle

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On Saturday I visited Turku Castle with friends. It was on my list of places to visit for a very long time. Turku is 170 km away from Helsinki. By train about two hours. It was quite a walk from the railway station. We walked both ways. At the castle we took a one hour guided tour. It took us around in the main building. It was very interesting to learn so much of the history of the castle. After the guided tour we spent one more hour to walk in the museum parts. My feet and legs hurt the next day. There are so many steps to climb in the castle. Many of them very steep, high and narrow.

There were many visitors so it was not easy to take pictures nor was it allowed to use the flash. The pictures are what they are.

Nowadays you may rent facilities for meetings, conferences, weddings, dinners etc. We easily could have spent much more time in the castle but had to leave to have time for lunch. Panimoravintola Koulu is a Finnish Brewery restaurant. It is situated in a former school building from 1889. Nice place, good food. It was a gorgeous, beautiful autumn day ! Thanks my friends for all the hilarious discussions and laughter.

If you ever visit Turku I warmly recommend visiting the castle. Meanwhile, for more, visit the website


Tightrope Walker !

Jacky our cat img_2153cJacky our cat img_2159cJacky our cat img_2160c

Tuesday morning I was in the kitchen and happened to see when Jacky jumped from the washing machine on to the shower room door. I shouted to my husband, oh no, hurry ! My husband was there in a second, raised his arms to take him down but Jacky jumped to the laundry drying rack. I ran to the bedroom where the camera was. A few pics before my husband took him down. Lo and behold, in five minutes he was there again! Not even the closed door stopped him. He made it direct from the washing machine ! So, Tuesday and yesterday he was back up there several times. So far, today we have not seen or heard him up there. I told him he better stay away so we need not to worry he will hurt himself while we are away.

Gluten Free Pie

Gluten Free Salmon Pie img_2126cGluten Free Salmon Pie  img_2127c

Last week I made gluten free pie. I actually made three. Friends were to came to visit on Sunday and the other one of them is on gluten free diet. I have never (as far as I remember) made anything gluten free. I thought I’d try to make something gluten free. A smoked salmon pie.  I said to my husband I must make one already on Friday. He said why don’t you do that on Saturday. No, no, I said. Because if the first one is a total disaster I still can try an other recipe on Saturday. The first one with smoked salmon on Friday was pretty good but I was not happy with the crust. By the way, I forgot to take a picture of it 😉 On Saturday I made a new one. This time with ham. Because my husband said smoked salmon pie three days in a row is too much 🙂 This crust was better. So I used the same recipe for the Sunday salmon pie. Our guests said it was delicious. My husband said it was the best one of all three and that it also looked the best. Did you take a picture, he asked. Oh, no I forgot ! Our friends both looked perplexed. They asked why ? Should you have had to take a picture ? I felt a bit awkward and embarrassed but admitted I post pictures of food I cook on my blog. Not everyday food but food I seldom make or new recipes I like try out.

New Window Sill

Jacky and the new window sill img_2139c Jacky got a window sill yesterday. He was following step by step the whole process when my husband put it up. Last screw and it will be OK. Jacky was already up on it. Looking down to see, what’s still going on there I thought you were done already.Jacky and the new window sill img_2140c Then finally, ready for him to watch birds and squirrels. Aww, he is so happy. The window is in the utility room and it’s situated higher up than the others. I just wish we had done this long ago so our other cats, before Jacky, had been able to enjoy the view too.